Thursday, 25 April 2013

Get your album now!

Our album is now available as a free download - click here for a link to the launch!

Sunday, 9 September 2012

We’re back in the saddle here after a long lay-off! The album has been mastered and we are currently (a) looking for distributors and (b) planning tours of Brazil and of Europe and the U.K. for next year. Here are some tracks from the forthcoming album for your enjoyment.The compositions are by Silvia except where otherwise stated.
A song inspired by a girl's hair.This track has a an additional percussionist - we were lucky enough to recruit Ari Colares to play Zabumba on this.
Music by Neil and words by Silvia. A retelling of an Amazonian myth about the birth of sound, set on a Cornish river.
Music by Pete Turner and words by Silvia.

The news of the moment is that Girassol Negro has been chosen along with eleven others out of 500 entries for the 'Sounds of Summer mixtape'
Watch this space for further news.

Thursday, 13 October 2011

The 'oops' factor strikes again

Tonight we are at The Four Winds Inn in Falmouth. I noticed that I had foolishly posted information about this gig previously with the wrong date. However, as many people realised ( I know because they contacted me and said so!) there is no such date this year as 'Thursday 12th October'. So - many apologies to those whom I wrong-footed  and we hope to see you all tonight. Doors open at for those having a meal first. Otherwise get there for 8.30. The music starts at 9 pm.I know that tickets have been selling well so it's as well to book in advance. The number is 01326 311369.

Tuesday, 4 October 2011

Pictorial update...

I've been very remiss about updating these pages in the last week or so - mainly due to the pressure of the tour - but have been updating our Facebook pages. However, here are some pictures and videos from the last week of rehearsals and gigs.
First - here is the BBC Radio Cornwall interview plus a song, in two parts. The song is in Part 1.

And here are some pictures...
A break in rehearsals: Back to camera - Neil Davey. Left to right behind him - Pete Kubryk Townsend, Silvia Nicolatto, Rodrigo de Castro Lopes.

Performing at the Eco Park - Left to right: Neil, Silvia, Pete T., Pete K.
Silvia revises the set list at Miss Peapod's
Pete K tunes up - Miss Peapod's
Neil prepares - Miss Peapod's
Pete T. gets ready to shake it...
Sound check at Miss Peapod's

Wednesday, 28 September 2011

Sturminster Exchange gig...

Tomorrow night (Thursday 28th) we are at The Exchange, Sturminster. Normally I would insert a link to the venue at this point but their website seems to be down at the moment, so here instead is a link to the appropriate page of Arts Reach, Dorset, who are the organisers of the event.

Sunday, 25 September 2011

There seems to be some uncertainty as to what time tonight's gig at Miss Peapod's starts so to clarify - according to our contract it's!

Thursday, 22 September 2011


I collected Silvia and Rodrigo from the airport on Monday night and on Tuesday morning the first rehearsal got under way. Up to that point, none of us had been in the same hemisphere together before, let alone the same room and yet here we are , with our first public performance on Friday morning when we play live on Radio Cornwall at around 11 to !1.30 am! Fortunately, the chemistry between the musicians is extremely strong and the first results as they emerged were incredibly pleasing. The way in which Neil integrates the Cornish/Celtic flavour into the music makes it seem so natural that you would think that it had always been part of Brazilian music. Silvia's enthusiasm for our re-interpretation of her songs is extremely heartening and she happily adapts to accommodate our new input. Pete K's attention to detail and grasp of the grooves is second to none and Rodrigo, Silvia's partner, who is also a fine musician as well as being a prominent recording engineer in Brazil, has been invaluable in pin-pointing fine detail and making harmonic suggestions. I sit there on my cajon (that sounds like a bit of a euphemism) and bash, shake and rattle my way through the proceedings, scribbling frequent illegible notes to myself about the individual songs...

As I type this I can hear the sound of Silvia warming up her voice. We are off to Penryn in a short while, where we will have our last full rehearsal before tomorrow's radio show. Then Saturday and Sunday we will be performing our first gigs - Saturday at The Eco Park, Mount Pleasant and Sunday at Miss Peapod's, Penryn. I can't wait - I haven't been involved in a project this exciting for many years. Something really special is happening here and there is now a strong possibility that this project will go to Brazil!